​DeMarcus is turning over a new leaf. 

The Golden State Warriors big man wants to shed his past and start going by... wait for it.... DeMarcus! Yes, "Boogie Cousins" is no more. How DeMarcus became Boogie is still up for discussion, but he's chosen to move on from the infamous nickname altogether and reinvent himself as he takes stock of this latest phase of his career.

​​His first step of nickname restitution should probably be changing his Twitter handle from @boogiecousins. Just a thought.

There are two origin stories to how DeMarcus became THE Boogie Cousins. As a 6-9 high schooler, Cousins was quite the force to be reckoned with. However, he ended up getting kicked off of his team due to an altercation with the coach. Rumors spread that DeMarcus had actually beaten up the coach, thus giving him the nickname "The Boogie Man."

The second story is far more family-friendly. His mother recalls that Rod Strickland, then an assistant coach at the University of Kentucky while Cousins was there, found his movements to be smooth and enchanting like they were dance moves, christening him "Boogie" as a result.

How Cousins got the nickname is fruitless discussion now, as Boogie is no more-- and DeMarcus is here to stay. 

Not many 28-year-olds make a hard pivot from a nickname with which they were inextricably linked, but then again, there's never been anyone quite like this guy.

With Boogie on the way out, let's hope that Cousins adopts a far better nickname. Hey, how about Run-DMC? How he hasn't already adopted that one is beyond me. For now, let's respect Cousins' wishes and refer to him by his government name from now on.

And perhaps it will only be a matter of time before we can call him something new: NBA champion.