​The NFL Draft is just two weeks away, and there are plenty of reports regarding whose stock is rising and whose is dropping down a cliff. However, one of the picks that is basically etched in stone by those in inner NFL circles is that ​Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray will be picked first overall by the Arizona Cardinals.

Murray has met with the ​Cardinals, and he's been accompanied by agent Erik Burkhardt, who also represents head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

So, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk posed the question: are the Cardinals already negotiating a contract with the Heisman Trophy winner?

​​As every person with a brain knows, the NFL Draft is filled with smokescreen from teams that are fed to reporters, which then makes its rounds to readers. 

Yet, Murray is an interesting case. He spurned the Oakland Athletics in order to pursue a football career. But what's to say that Murray doesn't make the jump back to Major League Baseball?

That's the point Florio makes, as they could be keeping negotiations under wraps, so they can work out the intricate details of the contract. One of the more important aspects of a potential deal could very well be a no-baseball clause.

​In the past, teams who hold the first overall pick have worked out contracts with their pick prior to the NFL Draft. However, we're now in the social media era in sports, and NFL teams today want to keep everything as secretive as possible. If something leaks, it's all over the internet for the 31 other teams to see.

Who knows, maybe the Murray to Arizona link has been a diversion the whole time?

Regardless, Murray is still taking visits to other teams, like the New York Giants on Thursday, and an upcoming meeting with the Washington Redskins next week.