Le'Veon Bell: excellent NFL running back, terrible rapper. The Jets' newest superstar made the ill-advised decision to try his hand a freestyling, and, well, it was pretty rough. See for yourself if you dare:

I mean, how many times do we have to suffer through Bell's attempts to build a name for himself in the rap game until he realizes that he just doesn't have it?

It's time for the former Steeler to give up on this pursuit. After spending a year away from football, Bell should be focusing more on what he'll be able to do on the field next year in New York rather than on his lyrical abilities. 

Despite Keenan Allen's aversion towards Bell's attempts at building a rap career, it doesn't seem like the running back is planning on giving up his dream anytime soon. However, as long as that doesn't distract him from focusing on playing football with Gang Green, it should be harmless.


After all, there's no way Bell is going to make it big as a rapper and abandon football considering just how inept he is.