After signing second baseman Ozzie Albies to a ​seven-year, $35 million extension, the Atlanta Braves will be able to roll him out alongside fellow stud Ronald Acuña Jr. for years to come.

But the bond between those two is beyond baseball, and enough to bring tears to your eyes. The two of them are practically inseparable.

​​"We’re more than best friends, we’re brothers," said Albies, per insider Dave O'Brien. "I love him. It wasn’t just because of him, because I love everybody on the team. And I love being where I’m at, being part of the Braves. I want to be a Brave for the rest of my life.”

Albies and Acuña wreaked havoc on the league last year, combining for 50 home runs and 136 runs driven in. The former was an All-Star, while the latter secured NL Rookie of the Year honors.

Many have ​criticized Albies and his a for taking such an extremely team-friendly deal, but before they scold him, they should understand what motivated him to accept the terms. 

Playing with Acuña means more to him than any amount of money. From a character standpoint, it's more than commendable that Albies chose to forgo a chance at a mammoth contract just to play with his closest friend and help his team for the long haul.

Regardless of how the deal influences future contract extensions, it's heartwarming to see the depth of the bond between two of the best young stars in the game.