The Rams' regular season was fun, but not for everyone. Amidst their first Super Bowl run since 2001, fans may have gotten a little bit carried away and security may have been too wrapped up in the team's winning ways. Some patrons got out of control, and the team could be paying the price now that one fan us suing the Rams for not providing proper protection during a game.

This is the kind of behavior that NFL teams have to stop.

Peter Bergin, the victim of this attack, is suing the Rams for an unspecific amount for damages suffered during the team's' matchup against the Vikings in September. The Rams may have won this game, but the fans were certainly out of control.

Bergin claims that he stepped in when a drunk fan was trying to punch a female fan, which resulted in him breaking his nose and dislocating his knee. Not only did the Rams allegedly fail to provide adequate security, but they allowed the purported drunk fan to get way too unruly and also failed provide immediate medical service on-site. That's a pretty ugly trifecta for the Rams if Bergin's story entirely holds up.

The Rams have a franchise to run, but they still have to keep the fans in mind. If the environment in LA isn't safe, they'll have to worry about who's actually going to keep showing up.