The career of an athlete tends to derail as they get older. Most players are out of professional sports by the time they hit their mid-thirties, as they no longer possess the skill set or athleticism they did when they entered the league. For some guys, the inevitable decline is more steady and less noticeable to the naked eye. For others, the fall from the top of the mountain is more precipitous.

Then there's Tom Brady. The Patriots quarterback is now 41 years old, ​coming off his record sixth Super Bowl championship. How does he do it? He credits his TB12 method and work with trainer Alex Guerrero, who says Brady has a lot more football left in him.

Could you imagine Brady on top until 2026? It seems impossible, however, for Tom Terrific, it's not only possible, but for some people, it's expected. Guerrero truly thinks Brady could still be a starting quarterback when he's 50. 

Now consider this: Brady's one big injury-plagued season came when he missed all of the 2008 season with a knee injury. Since then, No. 12 has been to five Super Bowls and has won three of them. Remarkable.

His last ten seasons may have been better than his first ten, which were as good of a decade-long start to a career as any quarterback could possibly have. If the Patriots can continue to limit sacks, like they did in 2018, that'll be instrumental to Brady's health moving forward.

An upright Tom Brady is the most dangerous man in sports, and could continue to be just that for ​many years to come.