​We are over six months removed from Khabib Nurmagomedov's sheer beatdown and domination of Conor McGregor, but the Irishman still can't seem to let go of the defeat. 

Just last week, the former lightweight champ sent out a ​string of offensive tweets directed towards his Russian counterpart

And now Conor is insinuating that Khabib's victory in October was tainted, as the ​recently retired, and then un-retired, fighter took to Twitter to claim that he broke his foot nearly a month before the highly-anticipated showdown. 

"​​I broke my foot 3 weeks from the bout," said McGregor. "I still marched forward however, and also landed the final blows of the night...I am happy with how the contest went and the lessons learned..." he continued. 

The revelation came after a fan asked about his suspect footwork during the fight. McGregor proceeded to close information about the mysterious injury. 

If true, the injury would have unquestionably hindered his renowned quickness and agility in the cage, putting him at a disadvantage against Nurmagomedov. 

Now that McGregor is ​no longer retired, perhaps his words will incite a rematch with his Russian foe. That's something the entire fighting world would tune into, especially after McGregor's excuse of having a broken foot. 

It sure seems like Conor is itching for that opportunity.