​The Dallas Cowboys have made it abundantly clear with their recent moves: they plan on competing for the Super Bowl this upcoming season. After ​signing defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence to a rich contract extension and bringing in veteran receiver Randall Cobb, the Cowboys are loading up.

Those facts alone already put an enormous amount of pressure on ​quarterback Dak Prescott, who is also seeking a lucrative new deal. However, there could be more pressure headed his way, and that's if the Cowboys select a wide receiver with their first pick of the NFL Draft.

If there's one thing to say about this year's draft class, it's that there's a plethora of talented receivers who could fall into the second round. Imagine a situation in which the Cowboys, who own pick No. 58, have the likes of N'Keal Harry or Marquise "Hollywood" Brown drop to them. Well, that might not happen, but if they fall far enough, you know Jerry Jones would make a big move to trade up.

The worst kept secret in the NFL is Jones' love affair with Prescott, who gushes about him anytime he has the chance. 

However, with Prescott looking for a new deal to make him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league, Stephen Jones has stressed that his new contract must be "team friendly," considering Dallas' other stars expected to hit free agency in the near future.

If the Cowboys were to take another talented WR to pair alongside Cobb, Amari Cooper, and Michael Gallup, Prescott HAS to succeed. Anything fewer than two playoff wins will be considered a failure for Dallas, who hasn't hoisted a Lombardi Trophy since the mid-1990s. 

The high expectations and financial demands could very well be too much for Prescott to handle. Or, he can prove everyone wrong (as he's done in the past), take the Cowboys deep into the playoffs and earn that lucrative contract extension that he so desires.