​Johnny Manziel, or should we say ​"John" Manziel, is out of football yet again. Only this time, it wasn't his fault, as the AAF shut down and ​suspended league operations a little more than a week ago. 

According to TMZ Sports, the legend of Johnny Football isn't completely dead in the water. The XFL's league commissioner, Oliver Luck, hasn't ruled out a roster spot for the former Texas A&M star and Heisman winner. 

"If he is able to meet our standards and if our coaches think he’s one of the top quarterbacks out there that can help us,” said Luck. “Certainly we have no reason not to believe he couldn’t be in the mix...But, again it’s really up to our coaches in terms of the quarterbacks they wanna take a look at," he continued. 

Ironically enough, when the ​XFL revealed their plans to reboot the league, owner ​Vince McMahon prioritized his original idea that any players with a criminal history would be prohibited from playing in his league. That notion would make Manziel ineligible, but John, a changed man, will be given an opportunity after all.

In fact, McMahon said the following of Manziel at the time: "You want someone who does not have any criminality whatsoever associated with them."

It goes without saying that Manziel is one of the best players in the XFL's bereft market and the quarterback would unquestionably do wonders for the league's viewership ratings and overall popularity. Cook and McMahon are making the right move by allowing Manziel to have a chance in the league.

Still, even if eligible, there is no guarantee that Manziel lands a job in the XFL, as ultimately its up to the coaching staff whether or not they are willing to give him a shot.