​You got to love ​Duke fans. They are rabid and devoted to all things Blue Devils, but can passionate to a fault, even excoriating their own stars. 

When star forward ​RJ Barrett announced that he would be leaving Duke after just one season and would declare for the ​NBA draft, Blue Devils fans took to Instagram to rip Barrett for his missed free throws in crunch time against Michigan State. 

​​Keep in mind, Barrett averaged 22.6 points and 7.6 rebounds per game while earning a First Team All-American selection while leading the team to the Elite 8. Barrett did everything that was expected of him, and then some. Some missed free throws are worth the online hate? 

Even when you assert yourself as one of the five best players in the country, that isn't enough to escape the wrath of your own fan base in Durham. 

​​Duke fans are impossible to please. When you stink, they rip you. Even when you're great, they find ways to nitpick.