Is "A Tradition Unlike Any Other" getting arrested at The Masters?

For an Oklahoma man, it seems that may be the case. In 2012, the year Bubba Watson won the competition in incredible fashion, Clayton Baker didn't get to fully enjoy the experience after he was arrested for trying to steal some sand from the iconic golf course at ​Augusta National Golf Club

Yes, all of this over sand of all things.

While it's understandable that August National needs to be protected and preserved given it's arguably the greatest golf course in the entire world, it's literally just sand.

This man found his reputation destroyed, his mugshot posted on websites all over the internet, and it was all over a cup of something that comes from the bunker. That seems a bit extreme, right? Baker had recently been misdiagnosed with MS, and was hoping to bring back the sand for his son. 

Weeks later, Baker wasn't allowed to move on from the incident.

"I was playing in a golf tournament in my pissant hometown in Texas, and guys who didn't know me were walking up with sand and saying, 'Here you go!'" Baker told's Steve Politi. "I was seriously depressed for weeks."

Hopefully,  this weekend's festivities aren't quite as intense for attendees.

The Masters should be a way for golf fans to rejoice in the beauty of the game they love, not one where their life is derailed.

Baker shouldn't have tried to steal the sand regardless, but it was literally just sand. No one should have their life ruined over a beer cup that isn't even full of beer.