​There's nothing more embarrassing than getting caught eating your own booger. I mean, c'mon man, wasn't that phase supposed to happen in elementary school? I guess the sunflower seeds just weren't cutting anymore for Aaron Boone. Sometimes you have to spice things up a bit, I can respect that.

Boone's team, the​ New York Yankees, haven't gotten off to the best start ​this season, so maybe he's just really anxious and stressed out sitting in that dugout. We all have our coping mechanisms when it comes to anxiety and stress, so maybe that's why Boone is casually munching down a few boogers during the game?

Who knows, but regardless this is still hilarious. 

The Yanks will be closing out their series Wednesday night against the Houston Astros, as they'll be trying to avoid the sweep. Hopefully Boone's more aware of the spotlight on him after this goes viral.