​Is there anything worse than a grumpy​ umpire who takes his frustration out on the teams he's umping for? Well, this might take the cake as far as classless ​umpires go.

Really? You couldn't just let the dog do his job here? 

It's one thing to act like this towards a player, but an innocent dog? C'mon man. There's really no excuse for this.

The dog has no idea he's being disrespected right here either. Even when the ​umpire tosses the bat right as the dog is about to grab it, the dog is still happy as can be wagging his tail while running to fetch the bat. Keep being a good boy, you did nothing wrong there buddy.

We're not sure what kind of repercussions this umpire will face, if any at all. But if he keeps doing this kind of classless stuff, the boos will only get louder and louder.