The ​Dallas Mavericks host the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night in what could be ​Dirk Nowitzki's last career home game at the American Airlines Center. We stress the word "could" here. 

This has the potential to be a very awkward evening as Mavs fans will surely hand out endless ovations for Dirk, even though the 21-year veteran hasn't officially declared that he is calling it a career after this season. 

Just look at the reception he receives from the Maverick faithful upon entering the arena! 

What would happen if the 12-time All-NBA member elected to run it back for the 2019-2020 campaign? This entire farewell tour would all be for naught.

Dirk's been asked about retirement countless times, but the answer has been the same: he hasn't made up his mind. But the manner in which Dallas is treating their beloved German, it seems like they are pushing him to retirement.

Maybe Nowitzki's plan all along was to make the big announcement tonight, on the eve of Dallas' last home game of the year. It would be a proper send-off, but the Mavericks are sure acting like they know something that the rest of us don't. 

This has the makings of either a very memorable, or equally humiliating and distressing night for the franchise.