Manny Machado

6 MLB Offseason Moves That Are Already Paying Off

Even though we're just a handful of games into the 2019 MLB season, some teams have already knocked it out of the park in the offseason. Whether via trade  or free agency, teams made moves in the offseason to bolster their roster, and some of those acquisitions are already paying dividends. Here are six offseason moves that are looking like great deals. 

6. Charlie Morton to the Tampa Bay Rays

Call the Rays innovators all you want for their "opener" strategy, but this acquisition was out of necessity rather than some cutting-edge analytical decision. They had minimal starting pitching outside of Blake Snell. Morton has given them a legit No. 2 starter, giving up just two runs in his first 11 innings of work for the team. The Rays have won both games he's started. 

5. Paul Goldschmidt to the St. Louis Cardinals

Someone with a .189 batting average is paying off for their team? Well, when he's hit six home runs and established himself as a powerful force in the heart of a Cardinals lineup that lacked home run pop over the last few seasons, then yes. Goldschmidt has been a fine addition to the St. Louis roster, and while his batting average isn't where he'd like, he's had no problem leaving the yard. 

4. Edwin Diaz to the New York Mets

The Mets bullpen has been a horror show this season, but they can always count on Diaz to lock down the ninth inning. Shipped over in the Robinson Cano deal, Diaz is a perfect 4-4 in save opportunities with only two hits allowed all year and a flawless 0.00 ERA. The swap with Seattle is working out just fine for the Mets. 

3. Domingo Santana and Jay Bruce to the Seattle Mariners

Meanwhile, the Cano/Diaz deal is paying dividends for the Mariners as well. While Bruce was acquired in the aforementioned swap, Seattle picked up Domingo Santana from Milwaukee. Bruce has already cranked seven home runs, while Santana has four and an MLB-best 19 RBIs. Not too bad for a team that was supposed to be tanking. 

2. Manny Machado to the San Diego Padres

After years in baseball purgatory, the Padres finally have something beyond wishful thinking and a glut of unknown prospects to look forward to, and Machado is at the center of it all. Machado has already knocked two home runs while adding some legitimacy to the San Diego lineup. In terms of impact on a team's everyday lineup, no signing has been more meaningful than Machado to the Padres. 

1. Bryce Harper to the Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies were going to have a good lineup with or without Bryce, but Harper has elevated them to World Series contender status. Harper is hitting .345 and has already launched four home runs, including one in his return to Washington. The next 13 years have to be looking pretty nice for Phillies fans.