​​Phil Mickelson may not have the star power of Tiger Woods or the flashiness of a Rickie Fowler, but that doens't mean Lefty isn't still a force on the course in his 27th season as a pro golfer. In warmups for the 2019 ​Masters, in which Mickelson will be gunning for his fourth green jacket, the 48-year-old star was practicing with a $100 dollar bill hanging out of his pocket in a move that just oozes coolness. 

​​Next to "power move" in the dictionary, you'll find a screen grab from this video. 

Mickelson, who has made over $2 million dollars in prize winnings alone this year and has made over $90 million over the course of his career, is no stranger to flaunting his cash on a moment's notice. He's even willing to give people $100 bills to leave him alone at weddings. 

​​This year's edition of the Masters won't started until Thursday, but Mickelson will end up a winner no matter what he does at Augusta.