Though polarizing for various reasons, Dick Vitale is one of the iconic voices of college basketball going back decades. He called the very first college basketball game broadcast on ESPN in 1979, and since then, his signature "awesome, baby!" is forever synonymous with the game.


But his latest opinion is an unorthodox one, to say the least.

The UCLA Bruins, put on the map by legendary coach John Wooden's 10 NCAA men's titles, has fallen on a bit of a hardship of late, at least by their lofty standards. Head coach Steve Alford was fired on December 29 after the Bruins' blowout loss to Liberty University, and missing out on March Madness meant they had clinched an entire decade without a Final Four appearance for the first time since the 1950s. 

Sure, they did eventually decide to hire Mick Cronin of Cincinnati, so Dickie V's proposal is a no-go. But still, it's an absolute laugher for the fact that he has to squeeze in the ridiculous take that Pitino, as scandalized as any coach in recent college basketball memory, was worthy of a top job but for a lack of "guts" in various athletic departments and university administrations.

Pitino guided Louisville to a national championship that was later vacated due to odious off-court scandals that have since cast a dark cloud over his career. The very mention of his name ought to be a non-starter-- and it is.

Vitale seems to be the last guy not to have received the memo.