The New York Knicks are a franchise with a rich history but a forgettable recent past, with just one playoff series win since the turn of the century. 


But just like dominoes, one move could lead to a monumental, supersonic change in fortune for the Manhattan team.  

Basically, with ​Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving dashing into free agency at the end of the current NBA season, two huge pieces will be available for teams to attempt to upgrade their existing rosters. The Big Apple has always been an attractive market for stars, but the recent era of futility means the Knicks have had a tough time convincing potential free agent targets to head to NYC. 

However, if New York lands Irving and then Durant in what would be a de facto packaged deal, the Knicks could go from perennial lottery team to Eastern Conference contender overnight. 

And the best-case, once-in-a-generation scenario is very much in play for the Knicks this offseason. Such a sequence of events would see Irving and Durant acquired by New York, plus provide a good chance for the franchise to land the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft and select Zion Williamson.