Is there any harm in getting excited for NFL preseason play in April?

The league seems to think not, and with the NFL Draft only weeks away, fans have been blessed with a small taste of football ahead of their big offseason spectacle. The preseason schedule is here.

There are certainly some intriguing matchups this year. Week 1's game between the Browns and the Redskins will mark Odell Beckham Jr. squaring off with Josh Norman as the two former division rivals will face off once again.

Of course, another fascinating game will be Week 2's matchup between the Jaguars and the Eagles, with new Jacksonville quarterback Nick Foles going against his old team for the first time since departing this offseason.

This year's preseason lineup should make the long wait for the regular season go by even quicker than normal. 

After the flurry of changes that hit the league this March, it will be fascinating to see the new, revamped rosters of some of the teams in the NFL hit the field this August.

Watching Joe Flacco's Denver Broncos battle a potential Kyler Murray-led Cardinals team in Week 4? You just have to love the preseason.