​With ​Dwyane Wade's storied career finally winding down, there have been so many moments to can look back on to remind every last NBA fan of how much fun it's been watching No. 3 play for the past 16 years. Budweiser, however, has now put together a video to let fans in on some of the stories that matter so much more than anything atop the hardwood ever could.


These sorts of selfless effort by Wade are really wonderful to see. All of his accomplishments on the court aside, what he has meant in Miami and the surrounding the community has had such a profound impact on so many lives over the years. Three ​NBA championships, multiple All-Star appearances and a Finals MVP are all fantastic notches in Wade's belt, and yet they feel pretty ancillary when watching a clip so utterly sincere and full of heart.

Now that Wade is nearing the end of the line, his responsibilities off the court may take on an even larger role in his life ​with basketball moving into the periphery. There is still one bit of business to take care of on the court before his very last regular season game in Miami Tuesday and regular season finale Wednesday: Making the playoffs one last time with the Heat.

Their chances are slim in terms of breaking into the postseason. With Wade still contributing on the court, it's certainly not impossible. But no matter what happens, his legacy is firmly in place as a true community hero whose ability to touch lives may as well be limitless.