Davide Moretti,Kyle Guy

3 Missed Calls That Might've Cost Texas Tech the National Title Game Against Virginia

Suspect refereeing has unfortunately been the talk of the NCAA Tournament, with specific controversial late calls in the Tennessee-Purdue and Auburn-Virginia games absorbing most of the chatter. 

In the season's final game, we received much of the same on Monday night, where the top-seeded Virginia Cavaliers defeated the three-seeded Texas Tech Red Raiders for the National Championship. 

In the sake of full context, let's take a look at a few missed calls that might've cost Chris Beard's men a title. 

3. Rebounding Foul on Jarrett Culver

On the VERY first possession of overtime, Texas Tech winger Jarrett Culver cleanly boxed out DeAndre Hunter after a missed shot by the Cavs...yet somehow, a foul was called on Culver as both players' arms became locked. Hunter hit two free throws and Tech was immediately staring at a deficit in OT. We're still not sure what the call was on the floor. 

2. Out of Bounds on Davide Moretti

Trailing by two points, Davide Moretti of the Red Raiders hustled to beat both Hunter and Kyle Guy to a loose ball. Hunter managed to knock the ball out of Moretti's hands and the ruling on the court was obviously Tech ball. For some reason, the refs decided to go to replay, and with a frame by frame, we were able to see that it MIGHT HAVE touched the underside of Moretti's pinky. 

Who knows what would've happened if Texas Tech retained possession. As most predicted, the Cavs proceeded to go on a game-sealing run, and the country was therefore deprived of a fair, clean finish NOT determined by replay.

Additionally, of course, there's a foul on Kyle Guy beforehand, too, that the refs remained blind to.

1. Kyle Guy's Trip Foul

Honestly, how do you miss this? Down three with the ball and just under three minutes left in OT, Kyle Guy sank two huge free throws to keep UVA in it. However, he obtained those free throws by...plainly tripping over his own teammates and clattering to the ground, sort of near two Tech defenders. It's not even close to a foul.

We can review possession for 30 minutes, but not this? It's by design, but in many ways, this is how we arrived at a UVA ti