​The unthinkable has happened. Just one year after losing to 16-seed UMBC, the ​Virginia Cavaliers have won the whole damn thing.

​The Cavaliers' incredible run was capped off with a victory in overtime over Texas Tech. As with any close game, there were some controversial calls, and twitter had a field day.

Jarrett Culver needed 21 shots to register 15 points, so he's got plenty of bricks. These officials better watch their backs.

I thought those zebra-striped uniforms looked different this time around.

If anyone has a right to be mad right now, it's Auburn. Virginia was definitely gifted some close calls all tournament, none as obvious as in the Final Four against the Tigers.

Didn't notice it live? Just check out the huddle.

Great job boys, time to celebrate.

But really, how mad can we be about this true redemption story. Hollywood would like a word.

This is true, you can't erase history.

Texas Tech should take solace in the fact that all these celebrating UVA fans have to wake up for their 8 a.m.

​​True, it could always be worse.

Let's root for drunk...

So, so close. But that's the major flaw in gambling, folks.

Wait...is this a Skip Bayless zinger? Who would've thought? He's been saving that one.

Now, it's time for One Shining Moment.

​​Oh come on!