​Do we feel even a little bad for ​Chris Davis? No, not really. The former Home Run Derby champion is making over ​$17 million per year with the lowly Baltimore Orioles, a team which isn't going to contend anytime soon.

In the middle of a rebuild, players like Davis can often be forgotten on the national stage. Yet, the 33-year-old has been so horribly inefficient to start the season, we have to take notice.

On Monday night, Crush secured his 47th straight hitless at-bat. That's an MLB record he surely doesn't want his name next to.

The record had been held by Eugenio Velez, a utility man with the Giants and Padres in the 2010-11 season. Velez is the kind of name you'd expect to associate with one of the worst MLB records there is. Instead, we have Davis, a former All-Star cementing himself in baseball purgatory.

Davis still has tremendous power, but strikes out far too often and can't make contact consistently enough to keep himself afloat.