​In what's expected to be a low-scoring, grind it out affair between Texas Tech and Virginia in the National Championship, Red Raiders alum ​Patrick Mahomes might be the talk of the game. 

​Mahomes took a photo with Dickie V pregame, as he's attending the game to support his Red Raiders. On first glance, this isn't a story, until you realize the piece of tape on the NFL MVP's shirt which is covering up the preferred Under Armour logo. On this tag, Mahomes has written out 'Adidas' for all to see.

He's a company man through it all.

Is this a troll on Mahomes' part due to the FBI investigation into Adidas' handling of top college basketball prospects? No, not even close. Mahomes has an apparel deal with Adidas, which is why he doesn't want to be seen in a public photo repping a brand that isn't his.

Mahomes knew all too well he'd get plenty of camera time in Minneapolis. Thankfully, he's making the most of it.