​Isn't it refreshing to know that not every current or former member of the Pittsburgh Steelers is completely off their rocker? ​Given how completely and indefensibly batty Antonio Brown has become, it's a bit too easy to lose sight of the fact that there are still normal human beings out there using digital platforms to have normal human being interactions. 

Luckily, fellow famous former Steeler Le'Veon Bell is here to give us a breath of glorious fresh air.

That's Le'Veon receiving a pretty sweet text message from James Conner, his successor at running back in ​Pittsburgh. Bell may be a member of the Jets now, but he clearly still has real regard for the young Conner, who acquitted himself brilliantly under tough circumstances.

Unfortunately, Brown is still insistent on sucking up all the air in the room (and on perhaps the entire internet) with ​his inane, bumbling, classless attacks on his own former up-and-coming counterpart, JuJu Smith-Schuster.

For Bell to emerge as the classy one of the bunch was unforeseen even a short time ago. But truth is stranger than fiction -- and as things currently stand, AB is stranger than truth.