On Thursday, the 2019 edition of The ​Masters is set to open golf's majors season once again. But it's something other than the golf itself that has (sand) trapped the attentions of fans at Augusta National this week-- the food and beverage prices that always feel like a throwback to a bygone age.

Behold! The 2019 Masters concessions menu:

Those prices are not meant to deceive; they really are meant to be affordable. This is no small feat from the tournament organizers considering single-round tickets are going for upwards of $3,000-$4,000 on StubHub, with passes for the entire tournament costing a sky-high $11,000. 

As GolfNewsNet explains this phenomenon: "Augusta National wants to make the patrons feel like welcomed club guests. They won't gouge their patrons on food prices, and patrons are going to spend a whole ton of money at the merchandise shop that is three stories tall. It's free advertising to wear the Masters merch anywhere, but the food wrappers don't leave the property."

After fans get their hands on a good ol' pimento cheese sandwich, their attention will turn to the action on the course. But it's a long weekend, folks. You'll need your strength.