It's official: Johnny Manziel is an adult now.

The former Texas A&M star and Heisman Trophy winner has finally decided to leave his fun-loving, wild identity in the past and mature into a new era of his career by officially going by "John." Yes, a big switch for the iconic quarterback.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little change to produce a big change.

Manziel, whose legal first name is Johnathan, is ready to grow into a new era of his career, one where he isn't seen as the troublemaker with a bad reputation that seems to have followed him around ever since he left behind College Station for a shot at glory in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns.

Now, with his up-and-down pro career taking another turn with the death of the AAF, the man is back to searching for another team to call his own.

If he plays his cards right, continues to work on his game, and shows that he is truly ready to let the past be the past, the NFL may be a legitimate possibility for Manziel. But "John" still has a lot to prove in that regard.

For now, all the world can look forward to is seeing what Manziel has planned for the future.

With the quarterback working out with George Whitfield and now making name changes, it's clear that John Paul Manziel is gearing up for another act.