​​LeBron James has been the highest rated player in the popular video game series NBA 2K for many years now, but that changed on Sunday. 

The ​Lakers' star was removed from sole position of the highest overall rated player, and is now in a three-way tie with two other superstars. James' rating has fallen from 98-overall down to 96, where he sits on par with MVP candidates James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo. 

​​James has been the game's highest rated active player in each edition of the game dating back to NBA 2K10, which dates back to 2010. 

The Lakers' disappointing season could be part of the reason for James' decrease in rating, while the stellar performance of Harden and Giannis has simply been impossible to ignore. 

LeBron has been shut down for the remainder of the season, so he won't get the opportunity to bump up his ratings before the year concludes. 

​​While this is purely a rating in a video game, the calculation to get those ratings takes into account every single aspect of a players game, as well as their performance on the court. 

LeBron hasn't been on the court to defend his rating, and as a result, he's no longer the game's top dog.