​Heckling is part of the game of baseball. Yes, it can get pretty intense, especially in rivalry games between teams like the ​Cubs and ​Brewers, but you just have to learn how to handle it.

Unfortunately, Milwaukee's security team doesn't quite see it that way, and says it plans to arrest fans for trespassing if they attempt to transport the infamous "L" flag into a future game.

​​Talk about not having a sense of humor. 

After a fan busted it out for Milwaukee's 13-10 win over Chicago, Miller Park security informed him of their new stance on the flag.

The banner, which measures an immense 25 feet by 15 feet, is well over the stadium's permitted banner size, but it doesn't really pose a threat to anything other than the Cub's dignity.

Let the fans celebrate as they see fit. Rivalries are meant to be nasty and ruthless. The "L" flag is Brewers fans' way of poking fun at Cubs fans.

It's part of the experience. There's no need to threaten the fans with arrest just for rooting for their favorite team.