Michael Avenatti just loves attention, doesn't he?

The lawyer-turned-celebrity has entered the sports world by attacking Nike and their supposed corruption efforts, although these same efforts have resulted in his arrest for extortion.

Now, Avenatti is attacking his next target: Zion Williamson. Suggesting that Williamson's mother might have been bribed by Nike to get the superstar freshman to play at Duke, Avenatti seems unfazed by his arrest and is now back to his attention-hungry habits. 

At this point, can we really trust anything that Avenatti says? Considering his recent arrest for extortion, it's obvious that the lawyer is seeking more than just justice, and one has to wonder whether his words really contain any validity.

Of course, if they do, this would absolutely rock the NCAA basketball world. An iconic basketball program like Duke and a legend like Coach K becoming embroiled in a recruiting scandal? Nearly unfathomable. But if Avenatti's words ring true, what a world it would become. 

For the time being, Avenatti should just cut his losses. He's already been arrested, and the public has barely any trust in him. Let the FBI figure this out while you figure out your own legal issues.