​Dwyane Wade's ​one last dance is coming to close. His ​Miami Heat are just outside the Eastern Conference playoff picture looking in, but even if they do close out the regular seasons strong and sneak in, the tip-top Milwaukee Bucks will be there to dispatch them in what is sure to be short order. One way or another, his Hall of Fame career is coming to a close-- and in a recent interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Wade got honest about how it's going to feel to suddenly no longer be an ​NBA player.

This took courage. Wade ought to be commended for being so forthcoming about the psyche of a high-level competitive athlete. We've seen far too many celebrated talents either not know when to quit because they don't know what to do without the game or decided to call it quits and find themselves listless, depressed, anxious, or even paranoid.

Wade, particularly for the sake of his family, doesn't want to be either one of those.

The hope is that more athletes can be as honest with themselves about such things.

We may not ever see another player quite like ​"MV3" ever again. ​One of the greatest shooting guards ever to do it, the stamp he placed on the game is indelible. Here's to hoping that his life in retirement is as rich and fulfilling as his years of brilliance on the hardwood.