Hot take alert! Put on your heat-resistant, insulated suits, folks. Secure yourself properly, because Paul Pierce is officially en fuego with his latest riff on ESPN. The ​Celtics legend pontificated from the broadcast studio that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade, insisting that he would have won five or six ​NBA titles if he had D-Wade's supporting cast.

Well, then.

So much to unpack here. Yes, Pierce was Finals MVP on Boston's 2008 championship team. Yes, that group was only a couple of key injuries away from having a shot at winning it all the next two years after that. But ​Wade, owner of three championship rings, still beats The Truth in All-Star appearances (13 to 10), All-NBA teams (8 to 4), and scoring average (22.5 to 19.7).

Keep trying, Paul. Go ahead and keep trying. But we all know the score here.