The Lakers are not anything close to a championship team right now. Officially outside the playoffs looking in, morale just isn't all that high for the Purple and Gold at the moment.

That isn't going to stop LeBron James this offseason, however. He, as well as the rest of the planet, knows the Lakers need some major upgrades. When he reportedly made a raspberry noise in reaction to how the roster was put together, he kind of said it all.

In order to convince players to come in order to change the roster that he clearly isn't happy about, LeBron is going to convince players to come to join up with his "championship mindset."

Hmmm. We all know how well that mindset worked this season.

LBJ wants to convince players who want to win a championship and have a win-it-all attitude to join him. He isn't guaranteeing a ring at all, but he did guarantee he would put his entire mind and body into going for one. That's a tough selling point since his body gave up on him this season and even found himself at odds with his teammates. 

These free agents he's trying to convince would also have a chance to play for a fanbase that only wants a championship and doesn't think anything else is enough. That's a lot of pressure for someone trying to find a new home and fit in.

He's made his mindset clear but the Lakers haven't gone great in adding stars aside from LeBron James. They couldn't convince Paul George to join, and missed out on Anthony Davis (for now).

But hey, maybe this new approach can finally make the Lakers watchable again.