​Social media can be quite the liability for some athletes, but in some cases it can apparently be the difference maker in landing a new gig with a professional team. 

That's exactly what pitcher Aaron Kurcz did when he found himself without a job in baseball in the United States. He had pitched in Mexico, but without any major league scouts watching, finding a pitching gig in the MLB became an impossible task.

So, he took it into his own hands to market his talents via Twitter, posting a video which was then shared by other accounts. It eventually made its round to MLB teams, of which a few offered him the chance to pitch bullpen sessions for scouts. Kurcz impressed enough to land a Spring Training invite from the ​Milwaukee Brewers

Kurcz impressed during the spring and landed himself a minor-league deal with the Brew Crew. 

The 28-year-old's story is pretty incredible, and perhaps a sign for how scouting in baseball will evolve with social media.  

​​The College of Southern Nevada product was selected in 2010 in the 10th round of the Amateur Draft by the ​Chicago Cubs. Unfortunately, he could never quite maintain a pitching gig, bouncing around the minors before he went to Mexico in 2018. 

After going viral, Kurcz is presented once again with the opportunity to pitch in the minor leagues. Let's hope he can keep a job this time around.