​While ​Zion Williamson may not be in the Final Four, that doesn't mean that his name is totally out of the ​college basketball universe just yet.

Williamson was named the AP Player of the Year, taking home 59 of 64 first-place votes. 

​​Ever wonder why Zion looked like a man amongst boys? Because he was. 

Zion is one of the few players who had the body and athleticism to compete in the NBA right out of high school. By attending Duke, he might have slightly improve his game, but he was robbed of one year of professional pay and exposure. 

Not only that, but college basketball probably shouldn't have one player absolutely crush the voting the way Zion did, especially with all the talent we saw this past year.

​​The NCAA's ridiculous amateurism stance is not practical in the modern age, as professional players are forced to work for free. By going to Duke, the ​NBA lost out on one year of Zion highlights, and Zion couldn't make money off of himself for one more year. The one-and-done rule is archaic and only prevents players like Zion from profiting off of himself.