​It isn't rare for a ​Dallas Cowboy to make headlines, but this is one we wouldn't typically expect. TMZ recently obtained a video which shows police pointing their rifles at Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott's dogs after they attacked his neighbor. 

Woah. The situation really escalated to that point. Also, why were Prescott's dogs roaming around the neighborhood unsupervised and without a leash? You can hear the cop yelling "Back off!" to the one dog that's moving toward him.

​Prescott has yet to comment on the matter, but we can only imagine what he's going through as he attempts to deal with this sensitive issue, which comes at a less than ideal time for him, as he's currently looking for a contract extension with the Cowboys.

At least the dogs were handled carefully and weren't vicious to those they encountered after the incident before being loaded into an animal control vehicle.