​Oftentimes, sports radio hosts are held up as role models and opinion leaders in the sports community.

That's no longer the case for former New York radio host Craig Carton, who was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on Friday for his involvement in a ticket resale scam.

​​The scheme, which involved nearly $7 million, was supposedly meant to help Carton pay off his massive gambling debts.

A key part of WFAN's ​"Boomer and Carton" show, Carton persuaded a multitude of big spenders to buy large sums of tickets to various concerts, promising massive returns, but he chose to pocket $4.6 million to pay for his vices.

Carton reportedly begged to not serve prison time, but his requests fell on the deaf ears of Judge Colleen McMahon, who said his excessive gambling habits were no excuse for his actions.

Carton was initially arrested in September of 2017, and he has currently paid back $50,000 to the investors.

It's a shame that someone with the ability to influence the opinions of such a large audience chose to use his position in an attempt to swindle millions of dollars to pay his debts.