We've all seen the headlines today regarding the Bleacher Report article that discussed Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The article detailed Rodgers' relationship with various players over the past few years, as well as his relationship with former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. McCarthy was fired by the Packers after an embarrassing loss to the Arizona Cardinals this past season, and its never been a secret that Rodgers and McCarthy's relationship also played a part in his termination.

Former Packers receiver James Jones chimed in on the issue. Listen to what he had to say:

There aren't many people who are more credible when it comes to this issue than James Jones. Jones played with Rodgers for several seasons and even won a Super Bowl with the signal caller in 2011. 

The article painted Rodgers as a selfish diva, and Jones raised some very interesting points regarding these accusations. 

Jones details that his relationship with Rodgers was always strong, and that what people said about him in the article is merely opinion, but that his opinion differs. One quote stands out in particular, "where was I at when this was going on?", referencing his former teammates who have been texting him since this news broke.

This certainly puts to question the validity of the story. Nut now the question becomes why exactly would the ex-teammates included in the article lie about certain stories, even if their opinion on Rodgers is a negative one?

Mike McCarthy was also taken back by the article, pushing back on some of the ridiculous asides that were made about him in the article.

Unfortunately none of us may ever know what really occurred in the Green Bay locker room during the Rodgers-McCarthy era, but we should probably take all of these stories with a grain of salt, regardless of the shock and awe value these headlines may bring.