​At long last, the ​New York Jets have finally released their ​new uniforms. Fans had been anticipating the new look for months, and at long last they got their first glimpse at the uniforms. 

Almost immediately people voiced their reactions on Twitter, and it's safe to say people have mixed feelings. Some chose to defend the look, while others have made hilarious comparisons to similar aesthetics. Let's have a look at some of the best reactions. 

​​Alright, it's not ideal that the Jets' new uniforms resemble those of Marshall University. It's one thing to look like a college football team, so let's just hope they don't play like one.

​​Seems like the Jets community is using it's new head coach to express their discontent with the new "Gotham Green" threads. 

​​If Ben Shapiro is likening you to ANOTHER college football team, then it might be wise to start considering switching back. Seriously, the last thing you want an NFL team to do is get mistaken for a college squad.

​​It's important to note that Jamal Adams, one of the most vocal players on the Jets, ​literally lied about the uniforms being leaked. I mean he knew what they were gonna be, did he seriously think that he could keep the hype built up by lying?

Speaking of that leak, the most Jets thing in the world was their choice to continuously build up the hype over their new uniforms despite the entire world knowing exactly what they looked like days in advance.

​​The fact that the Jets are also being called the "disappointing child" of UNT and the CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders should be enough to give you a picture of how people view the franchise.

​​Maybe naming the new color "Gotham Green" wasn't the best move after all...

Even Steelers fans are joining the fun. But having to choose between wearing the new uniforms and listening to an entire Le'Veon Bell album should give you an idea of how little people actually think of the uniforms.

What would you prefer? Green garbage bags or the hot trash the Jets just revealed? 

​​Some Jets fans REALLY don't like the new look. The fact that they would rather go back to the mediocrity associated with the previous jerseys is pretty telling.

This one seems a little harsh. They're not so bad that you have to literally clean your eyes, are they?

​​And finally, after a multitude of dubious analogies, the Jets have now been reduced to a generic franchise from Madden. Maybe that's rock bottom.

It's definitely the beginning of a new era in New York. It just doesn't seem like the fans are all here for it.