​The suspense is finally over!

After a long wait and plenty of anticipation, the ​New York Jets have revealed their new uniforms, and they are vastly different from the traditional Jets' uniforms we've grown accustomed to since 1998. 

Some might argue that the hype over a change in jerseys is unwarranted, but a uniform change is no small matter. The drastic change in uniforms could mark the start of a new era as the team tries to change it's fortunes. 

In fact, the Jets actually created an entirely new color that they lovingly called "Gotham Green." 

The Jets had been using their most recent jerseys since the 1998 season, though the organization felt that a change was in order as the franchise hopes to see major improvements over the next few seasons.

In addition to their "Gotham Green" jerseys, the Jets released a black uniform as well as a white one. 

The "Spotlight White" ones are fairly nice, but it was the "Stealth Black" uniforms that got Jets fans pumped up and ready to open their wallets. 

It's unfortunate that the new style was ​leaked well ahead of the reveal, though. It definitely spoiled the surprise, but still, Jets fans turned up by the bunches to witness the official unveiling of their team's gear. 

​​Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, we'll look back on this moment as the turning point for young quarterback Sam Darnold and the Jets. For now, though, we'll just have to sit back and admire the new threads.