​With the ​MLB season underway, teams have had a week or so to identify holes that they may need to fill to contend. For the Chicago Cubs, their glaring weakness thus far has been their bullpen.

Naturally, with the Cubs bullpen struggling, an immediate source of stability could come in the form of World Series champion closer ​Craig Kimbrel. Regarded by many as the top closer in the game, Kimbrel has recorded more saves than hits allowed in his career, which seems impossible but it's true. Still on the market, it would behoove Chicago not to give him a call.

The Cubs simply have not been able to close the door on their games thus far this season. Having tallied a 10.03 ERA after the first week, that relief unit has surrendered 13 runs, and four home runs to go along with eight walks. 

All of that is a recipe for disaster when you can't hang onto late game leads. What is Kimbrel's career ERA, you might ask? It's just a tad bit lower.

Having only given up 285 hits in his career, the former Red Sox closer is a natural solution for the Cubs. If they want to have a shot at finishing ​division rivals in close games in September and October, there just isn't anybody else out there who can touch Kimbrel's production right now. 

He's best-in-the-world-at-what-he-does kind of good.