​Clemson Tigers' quarterback ​Trevor Lawrence has had an active couple of months after winning the ​National Championship game, so much so that his social media pages are some of the most followed in all of collegiate sports.

Unfortunately, some prankster got a hold of Lawrence's account information, posting a ridiculous photo in hopes of scamming Clemson fans out of some money. Don't follow the link, folks.

Yeah, somehow the NCAA will still find a way to look into this and give Lawrence a stern talking to. He's not actually trying to profit off his likeness!

Clemson fans are very kind, however, and tried reaching out to Lawrence to let him know his account was hacked. Talk about some great friends.

Apparently this is a common occurrence for college athletes lately, as Justin Fields and Jake Fromm had their accounts hacked this past weekend. Make sure to change your password, guys.

At last look, the posts have been deleted, meaning Lawrence has likely regained control of his account. For now, disaster averted.