​​The AAF is no more, and the aftermath is proving just how badly a select few screwed over those using the league's success as a platform.

Athletes were reportedly kicked out of their hotels, forced to head home on their own dime, but this only gets worse from here. According to former NFL Player Rich Ohrnberger, ​Memphis Express players had their personal items waiting for them in the lobby, as they were essentially kicked to the curb. Ticket vendors, scouts, and low-level team personnel were also left out to dry.

These high-level investors ought to be held liable. It's like Fyre Fest was a football league.

Players who were injured during the league's lone season will be forced to pay their own medical expenses, despite promises to the contrary.

But who has to handle these complaints? Not the owners or the investors. Instead, team staff was asked to clean out the office and handle 'refunds' without any direction whatsoever.

Looking back, it's easy to say we should've seen this coming, but given the incredible investments from the likes of Tom Dundon, Spring football seemed like an intelligent concept. Instead, players looking for a second chance and staff excited about the opportunity were taken advantage of. We shouldn't stand for that.