​Hey everyone, it's not 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' it's 'Take Me Out to the Ron Kulpa Viewing'. At least, that's how Wednesday night's Astros-Rangers game is turning out. ​Kulpa began his night by ejecting AJ Hinch and the Astros hitting coach after they dared to question his strike zone. Later in the game, Kulpa continued to make an ass of himself by interrupting ​Gerrit Cole's warmups to further his point about the strike zone. 

Sir, what's your plan here? Thankfully the AT&T Sportsnet cameras were around to catch all of this, and we can only hope the league office is watching. When umpires make the game about them, it takes away from the reputation MLB is trying to build for those paid to call these high-profile matchups. 

It's early in the season, and Kulpa is all but ensuring the relationship between players, managers and umpires reaches a fever pitch.