​Baseball's back!​ Dingers, strikeouts, big hits, diving catches.... they're all back! Well unfortunately, so are umpires who make the game all about themselves. Don't get me wrong, we all appreciate the work our umpires do, but it's hard to look past embarrassing moments like these. Take a look for yourself.

​​There's just no need for this. Not only was that just an awful call by Kulpa, but his behavior afterwards is ridiculous. AJ Hinch was clearly doing his best to calm down the situation, and this effort was not met by Kulpa at all. 

You can hear ​Hinch say "there's nothing for you to see here", referring to Kulpa's constant glaring into the Astros dugout.

There was no reason for Kulpa to be so confrontational, and Hinch and Alex Cintron (who never even left the dugout), suffered as a result.