The Milwaukee Brewers are still searching for an answer but at least they know the future of their bullpen is still in good hands. 

The Brewers started off their season with some bad news after All-Star reliever Corey Knebel opted for Tommy John surgery, ending his 2019 campaign. For those who were hoping he would change his mind, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Knebel went under the knife today.

He's done for the year, but the only place Knebel can go is up. Thanks to another update from his wife, it sounds like the long journey back to the mound is underway after successful surgery.

At this point, that's all you can hope for. 

Knebel's absence is certainly going to be hard for the Brewers to overcome. He was an All-Star back in 2017 with 39 saves and still racked up a team-high 16 a year ago even with the Brewers constantly moving around their bullpen. They could add Craig Kimbrel to cover in the short term but at least they know Knebel is in the process of a comeback.