Vince McMahon won't let his league fail. Not again, and not like the AAF did.

McMahon is not alone in trying to start a football league separate from the NFL but he does hope his results are much different. The AAF has already reached rock bottom, suspending league operations before the season came to a close. 

The biggest problem with the AAF was their lack of funds. This league was broke midseason, got bailed out, and still ended up too broke to  pay for their players' rides home. 

McMahon is making sure that same fate doesn't fall upon his own league and has sold stock in the WWE to assure it. 

Say what you want about McMahon, that man is committed to the success of this league. 

The XFL isn't going to kick off until 2020 but McMahon has everything in order prior to his brainchild's second installment. The billionaire reportedly sold $272 million worth of stocks which went right into his investment in order to pay for the first three years of the XFL.

He has already sunk $500 million into this league and is banking on his own money, not the money of outside investors or television contracts. 

​​Whether this crashes and burns or lights off into a massive success, it'll be because of McMahon and McMahon only.