​​New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady just started on Twitter this week, and his first tweet came on Monday, April Fools' Day. Naturally, he ​trolled everyone about possibly retiring.

Now, he's decided to quote tweet Los Angeles Rams cornerback and former teammate Aqib Talib about monster baseball contracts, continuing to use the platform a bit more than we initially thought he would.

I'd say the Expos' phone number doesn't exist, as they are no longer a big league franchise, but we're sure TB12 could get in contact with the Nationals.

Recently, we've seen a string of baseball players receiving big-time extensions well ahead of free agency, including Tuesday, when the Atlanta Braves locked up phenom Ronald Acuña Jr. to an eight-year, $100 million extension. NFL players are definitely a bit envious of such guaranteed security.

Maybe Brady is thinking about starting his baseball career at age 41? I mean, he was drafted in the 18th round as a catcher by the Montreal Expos in 1995 out of high school. Stranger things have happened.

Of course, Brady never cared much about financials anyway, thanks to his wife's riches, and is obviously making a joke out of the whole thing. I'd say he made the right decision by choosing quarterback and pursuing an NFL career, as he's regarded as the greatest quarterback who ever lived.

But, there are plenty of B-level MLB players who will make more money when they are finished with their career then Brady. So, if money mattered most, maybe Brady should've tried to be an All-Star catcher?