The Jets are bringing a lot of hype to 2019, especially having reloaded their roster for a resurgence next season. 

And that involves a rebrand.

On Wednesday, a picture of a photoshoot of the New York Jets' new uniforms for the 2019 season was leaked, which added even more anticipation.

Jets safety Jamal Adams, however, took to Instagram and commented on the photo, claiming that these jerseys are not the real ones, and are instead just a beautiful edit.

But Jamal, how did all those players get in the jerseys?

Adams quickly admired the photo before stating that Thursday will be the release of the real new uniforms, denying the validity of these things. Still, many are skeptical of Adams' denial, especially after The Athletic's Connor Hughes came out and stated that these are, in fact, the real gear.

If Adams is correct about this being photoshopped, plenty of fans in the very same comments will be quite disappointed. If he is just pulling our leg, however, this will mark the second prank in the last few months by ​Adams, though this one probably didn't result in any hospital visits.

All eyes will be on the ​Jets and Adams when they make the official release of the jerseys for next season on Thursday.