If you think the AAF has hit rock bottom, just wait until you hear this.

The league started off strong, but will long be remembered as a joke following its rapid decline. The inaugural season of the Alliance of American Football likely won't come to a close on the field, after they've decided to suspend all operations effective immediately. Apparently, treating their players with decency is part of their operations.

And on the way out the door, the AAF is reportedly making their players pay for their own flights home. 

Yup. You can shut this league down completely. 

It turns out the investment of $70 million from Tom Dundon was more of a waste than we all once thought. Not only is this team too broke to send their players home on their own dime, but these athletes and staff members have been the victim of corner-cutting ideas for weeks. 

When people were allowed to fly on planes, the doctors, trainers, and equipment guys weren't allowed to eat. The players had to be happy when they were up in the air since they didn't receive a team dinner the night before games. 

All of this was happening and there were really people involved with this league that were surprised that the season was suspended?

In light of all of this information, we should all just be more surprised that it didn't happen sooner.